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Product Description

Tramadol is one of the widely used pain relief medication by people. This drug could be useful in the treatment of pain caused by various factors include several illnesses, body issues, injuries, etc. Tramadol can be bought only with doctor prescription since it can be habit-forming and addictive.  For those people who have an addiction, histories are more prone to abuse this drug and hence it is good to lower doses and not to take higher doses such as 100mg.

Taking Tramadol to reduce Pain

You should know the information about the drug before you take it. Tramadol is a pain reliever but at the same time, it could be used only for a short period. It reduces your pain by interfering with the signals between neurons and the brain. Hence you need to take the proper dosage with care. There may be withdrawal symptoms arise if you stop suddenly after long term usage. You should consult your doctor about the dosage and you might need to reduce the dose gradually before you quit it.

In some cases, Tramadol is given along with psychotherapy treatment to fight against pain. Also, it is given as a secondary pill that needs to be taken along with other medications and suggested with physical exercises too. As a pain relief medication, it may cause sleep and dizziness and you should not be driving during this period. Also, you should not do any heavy machinery work during the period of Tramadol medication.

Tramadol could help you in treating moderate to severe pain in the body. But it should be allowed only for people above 12 and dosage restrictions apply. Though it is pain medication remember it is prescription based and you should not share it with any other people.

Things to look on Tramadol treatment

Tramadol may cause side effects if you are drinking alcoholic beverages along with it. Both are substances that affect your brain and if you consume alcohol during the period of medication you will feel dizzy, giddiness, drowsiness, etc. Also, you need to consult your doctor if you are allergic to the chemicals present. It is better starting a low dose or sample amount to observe its behavior.

Ladies who are pregnant now and those who have babies at the breastfeeding stage should consult the doctor before taking the Tramadol. This drug is not children below 12 and keeps them out of their reach if you have kids at home. Though it is a pain medication the drug to drug interactions may vary and if you are already taking some pill you should ask the doctor about taking Tramadol.

Side effects in Tramadol treatment

Lack of dosage regulations may cause some side effects during Tramadol treatment. 50 to 100mg is mostly enough to suppress any kind of pain that is occurring in our body. Overdoses will lead to side effects such as seizures, confusion, dizziness, dull vision, rapid heartbeat, etc. There is a chance that the side effects could lead to some other serious problems suddenly happen. That’s why we insist you be careful with your regular dosage. If you missed a dose you should not double it and you can take it in turn time as regular dose.

Interactions with other medications

Tramadol is a prescription drug comes in brands such as Searl, Aspadol, etc. If you are already treated with conditions like liver, kidney disease, ulcer, mental disorders you should not take Tramadol. We cannot guess the drug interaction unless you submit your medical history to the doctor before getting a prescription. If you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or any other kind of disorder, the doctor might suggest some other medication and there is a chance that it could be resolved without tramadol. Hence you must discuss your conditions, medications you had and having now allergic reactions, etc while getting a prescription for Tramadol to treat pain.


Stephanie Fosse

This is by far a good medicine to treat my back pain. I’ve gone through the worst times with my pain issues, Tramadol helped me well. Thanks for the drug.

Juliet Bickert

It works for back pain very effectively, but it is not suitable for treating fibro pain. Taking 1 at a time would help in reducing the pain in the body and do not take the drug along with muscle relaxers because it has caused me to pass out.

Virgina Brenenstall

Taking 50mg Tramadol once in a day for the past 1 year. I had a stress fracture in my scrum and a torn in my knee. Listen to what, Tramadol takes away my pain. I can sleep well after that. Never experienced any side effects but it bit makes me drowsy. Who cares, this drug is just awesome!

Elizabeth Ansel

Not bad to be used for pain relief. Side effects are like dizziness that is what I have experienced. It is effective but does not last long enough. Maybe the effect stays depends on how your body reacts to the medicine.

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