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If you are suffering from the likes of anxiety or alcohol addiction, valium must not be a new name to you. Valium is a medication that comes under the group of benzodiazepines and it is mostly administered in patients who suffer from anxiety problems. Valium is also recommended in cases of panic attacks and seizures, where the medication makes it way by inducing a calming sensation in the brain and in the nerves. Valium influences the chemicals in the brain during some sort of imbalance by increasing dopamine levels for calmness. Usually, patients with anxiety experience instances of agitation due to the flight sensors that get activated. Valium works during the treatment procedure by increasing the release of hormones associated with calmness in an unnatural way. Hence, the patients become calm and composed with a relaxed mind. Also, Valium helps people get rid of the addiction to alcohol in many ways. Valium helps with alcohol withdrawal by minimizing all the symptoms and side effects that could cause a devastating impact. Apart from treating these conditions, Valium is also said to be preferred for relief from muscle spasms. People who do not suffer from anxiety must stay away from Valium as it could cause certain side effects. Also, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of a doctor before choosing to use Valium for anxiety and other conditions.

Valium dosage and Administration

As already discussed, Valium is an anticonvulsant that helps people with anxiety, alcohol withdrawal and even muscle spasms for the much needed relief. The medication is available in two forms – the short acting and the long acting one. With Valium, the half-life for elimination extends from 20 hours to 100. As a medication, which can be administered by oral, IM, IV and rectal, it is important to consult a doctor in order to follow the right dosages. Valium needs to be taken in different dosages for anxiety, alcohol withdrawal and muscle spasms. 2 to 10mg Valium is recommended for both Anxiety and Muscle spasms, while 10mg is what that suits for alcohol withdrawal. Valium doesn’t take much time to get dissolved in the blood, after which the effects of this medication brings in relief.

Valium Usage

Valium must be taken as per the doctor’s prescriptions and guidelines. It is very important to follow the directions stated on the prescription label. The dosage for Valium is fixed by the doctor based on the medical condition and history. The doctor might change the dosage based on the result of the treatment process. Valium is usually taken up to 4 times a day in divided doses. For anxiety, Valium is recommended four times a day based on the severity of the effects. Also, it can be taken whenever it is needed at regular intervals. Make sure to have a gap between each dosage. Also, it is crucial to have a particular timing for Valium administration and sticking to it without any deviations. At times, your doctor might ask you to stop using Valium and in those cases, you will have to stop using it gradually. If not, you might tend to experience some withdrawal symptoms. The pattern of anxiety might be checked in order to complete the treatment procedure successfully. On using Valium for a very long time, it might result in some side effects and consequences, which need to be treated right away.


Valium needs to be strictly avoided by people who are allergic to the diazepam component in it. Also, people with myasthenia gravis, liver disease, glaucoma, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea must not really use the medication without the consultation of the doctor. Misusing Valium can result in serious cases of addiction, even leading to fatal conditions. Valium can make people dizzy or sleepy due to its calming effect and hence, it must not be used with alcohol or any other drugs for that matter. Also, Valium is not recommended for children below 6 months old. For children above the mark, please talk to a doctor before administration. People suffering from liver disease, sleep apnea, asthma, epilepsy, kidney disease, drug addiction and mental depression must tell the doctor clearly about the medical history before using it. During the time of pregnancy, make sure to consult a doctor about starting or stopping the medication. Valium is believed to harm unborn babies and even the mother and hence, it is important that you inform the doctor on the same. Some sort of dependency might be created in the babies, leading to life threatening conditions. Pregnant women must take Valium if there is a reasonable benefit for the same.

Side effects

It cannot be said that no side effects could be reflected out of Valium. In case your body shows some sort of resistance or any allergies towards Valium, it is necessary that you seek the advice of a doctor. Most commonly, you might experience certain effects like drowsiness, tiredness, blurry vision, unsteadiness with Valium. These instances might fade away with time and if it persists for a long time, then talk to a doctor immediately. A doctor might have recommended you this medication judging the greater benefits that it might hold for you. But if it leads to any side effects that might be a bit serious like mood changes, hallucinations, confused thoughts, speaking trouble, weakness in the muscles and urinary issues, then please get medical assistance as soon as possible. Sometimes, the side effect might also reflect in the form of slow or shallow breathing in adults. Allergic reaction to Valium is very rare but in case something like that is witnessed, then make sure to contact someone who could help. The list of side effects mentioned here do not comprise the whole side effects as some unfavorable conditions could be witnessed in case of overdose and misuse of the medication. But for more information on the same, you will have to consult an expert.


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