Can You Give Alprazolam For Dogs?

Can You Give Alprazolam For Dogs?

Anxiety issues are very difficult to manage. This medical disorder not only occurs in human beings but also in dogs. Yes! You read it right. Even your pet can be affected by this condition. This might be a shocking factor for people however this is definitely true for sure.

Since dogs can also be a victim of anxiety disorder it is fine that you give alprazolam medication to them. However, you have to know that the medication that a human being takes is different from that of dogs.

So you are not supposed to be the person who should decide on which dosage strength of drug that you should take.

The symptoms of anxiety disorder in dogs

You might have seen that your dogs would be impatient, angry and anxious. Do not think that it is just a usual one for your pet if this situation continues for a longer span. If your dog is behaving unusually then you are supposed to check on it. Never ever ignore these facts.

You should consult with the veterinarian about these effects so that your dog can be safeguarded. You can buy Xanax for dogs after consulting with your vet doctor.

Dosage strength for anxiety in dogs

The dosage strength of the drug for the dog would be decided based on the weight. Yes, for every pound certain amount of drug dose would be instructed.

In general, Alprazolam with the dosage strength of 0.01mg to 0.1mg for every pound would be recommended. However, it is a must that the total dose of the day should not exceed 4mg.

You can give Alprazolam tablet for your dog every 24 hours or every 12 hours.

This can be decided only after consulting with the veterinarian.

How long can you give Alprazolam for dogs?

This medication is very addictive in dogs too so it is a must that you are not supposed to give it on a longer run. Alprazolam is not the cure for anxiety disorder in dogs and it can only treat the pet effectively.

So after a certain point in time, you are supposed to reduce the dosage of the drug and later halt the therapy.

This would be clearly mentioned to you by the medico. It is a must that you are supposed to follow the regime for the treatment.

Never ever skip giving Alprazolam for your dog. In case you have forgotten to give the tablet to the dog then check the timing. If the time is very close to the next dose then you can avoid giving the missed one. However, if there is plenty of time for the next dose then know that you can definitely give the missed dose for your pet.

It is a must that you have to keep track of the medication and never give a higher dose of Alprazolam for the dog. This might lead to addiction and it is not worthy for sure.

There are chances that your dog would lose appetite or show any symptoms or side effects of this medication. It is a must that you have to immediately inform about this to your pet’s physician. The veterinarian would tell you about what to do and you can follow it on your pet.

You have to keep your dog protected and do not be angry at them if they are adamant about something.

Buy Xanax alprazolam 2mg for your dogs after consulting with your vet.

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