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USA’s Trusted Online Dispensary

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What exactly known as Generic Drug?

It is a medication that acts similarly as brand medications. The active ingredients of the brand and generic medications are moreover same. The generics are available in the same dosage and quality alike brands. Only few difference can be noticed between these two pills. Such variations are color, packaging, and flavor. In addition, the brand drugs hold the patent protection rights whereas generics does not have that feature because it is manufactured with the formulation of brand medications.

Why are generics quite cheap than brand-name medicines?

There are many reasons available to sell brand medicines at the higher price. Below we have listed only a few of the reasoning.

  • Drug manufacturers spent a lot of money and time to produce the medications. Many specialists involved in creating the new brand drugs. Pharmaceuticals have to spend money on the specialists those who have worked along with them
  • They need patent right, in that way they have to spend some amount of money. The effect of patent protection is long last only for 7 to 12 years.
  • The manufacturer needs the payment for all of their expenditures
  • They have utilized the facilities of marketing and advertising that would cost a wealth as well.

Generic medications are sold at a cheaper price for the following reasons

  • Less amount of money and time are required for generics to manufacture because it does not need any formula design or creative production methods
  • They can remain on the market without any advertisement. Because generic drugs are similar to the brands.
  • Safety and efficiency have not been tested clinically for generics since branded drugs are taken under those clinical trials.
  • Even some insurance companies would cover the cost of generics.

What is known as US pharmacy? Shall I trust them?

It is a drugstore that is operated in the United States. You know that we is a well-known US online pharmacy. We trade both brand and generic medications at an affordable price. Thousands of peoples from all over the world have bought the medicines from us. Our order count has been increasing rapidly day by day. This is due to the customer’s trust in our reliable online pharmacy. Here we have shown why we stand among other e-pharmacies.

  • We satisfy all of our clients
  • We provide high-quality products and services
  • We deliver only qualitative items

Alike US online pharmacy, there are numerous drugstores operated in several countries. Among them, only a few of the e-pharmacies are licensed and operated legally and rest of them are functioned in an illegitimate manner. But our online pharmacy is licensed and run by the experienced pharmacist. Indian and international companies have started online medicine selling the business and targeted the peoples by knowing their requirements.

The US pharmacy has utilized new technologies in order to speed up the process of manufacturing and automation. Nowadays most of the peoples are buy their medicines from their place without going out to the local drugstores.

For your kind information that is a legitimate and official online drugstore for selling the smart drugs. We do not trade any controlled substances or narcotics to our customers in any other ways.