Exercise to exclude erectile dysfunction

Exercise to exclude erectile dysfunction

Male impotency also known as erectile dysfunction is the disability which can cause due to various factors. In clinical terms the major health causes of such inability include Heart disease, Obesity, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, diabetics, low testosterone etc. There are some other causes which would play important role in causing ED are as follows:

  • Psychological Troubles like Stress, Anxiety,
  • Hormone fluctuations,
  • Issues regarding the blood flow

The people who suffer from this inability might think or misconceive the tablets as their only remedy. There are a handful number of physical exercises that would help you to get rid of impotency or erectile dysfunction.

The following are the exercises which can be practiced to overcome ED related problems:

Pelvic or Kegel Exercises:

Also known as Kegel exercise; It is a muscle exercise that is performed to relax the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are generally recommended for women who are facing inconsistent urination and the pregnant women.

  • To perform Pelvic floor exercises, squeeze your pelvic muscles and count to eight,
  • Hold them for few seconds and relax.
  • Repeating this exercise would assist in involuntary urination issues in women.

Kegel exercises also benefit the men by improving their bulbospongiosus muscle. The muscle plays an important part in following:

  • Improves sexual experience
  • It also helps in emptying urethra after the process of urination.

A study conducted in a university located in the United Kingdom concluded that pelvic exercises had reported the following:

  • These pelvic exercises helped almost 40% samples to recover from erectile dysfunction.
  • These Kegel exercises aided the 33.5% of sample to improve their erectile function.
  • The pelvic exercises could not only improve the ED, but also helps in improving Pelvic related health problems.

Kegel exercises are not encouraged beyond certain limit. It is advised that the individuals should slowly increase the Kegels. Set the limit according to your stamina; try to increase it gradually up to 15-20 Kegels a day.

It is not recommended to hold your breath, relax after taking every 5-10 Kegels.

Aerobics Exercise:

They are another form of muscle exercises. Performing Aerobic exercises would help the individual to overcome erectile dysfunction. It is proved by a survey study published by the American Journal of Cardiology reported that Erectile function can be improved by Aerobic exercises.

Problems with erectile functioning generally occur due to cholesterol, High blood-pressure, weak blood-flow, and obesity etc. Performing aerobic exercise regularly would allow improving your health, which might help in developing better erectile functioning.

Aerobic is a cardio-vascular exercise, could be performed in both intense and mild methods. A casual walk for 30 minutes every day would improve the blood flow vastly, which is one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction.

Weight Training:

The process of weight training includes cardio training and resistance training. These trainings help an individual in improving his bone strength, reducing the blood pressure etc.

A study concluded that approximately 45% of samples who suffer from erectile dysfunction had benefited from weight training. It is advised that you choose a good trainer and get assistance for your doctor regularly.

Choose the better options:

There are certain websites that prescribe unproven, unhygienic and non-clinical methods to overcome ED or male impotency. Customers should beware of such sites. Though the process in difficult, it is better for your health to follow only the proven and clinically methods to overcome Erectile dysfunctioning.

The Pelvic floor and Aerobic exercises are the best initial steps apart from the medicines to the betterment of erectile function. There are considerable amount of chances that you could be able to witness the developments without taking any tablets in the course. Reports from established clinical laborites say that erectile dysfunction is one of the initial wake up call for some major heart diseases.

ED medications are not advised to be consumed by the individuals suffering from Heart diseases, Blood pressure, diabetics, alcohol addiction, consuming Nitrates etc. as they might lead to chemical reactions. If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction in these cases, surgery could be the best possible option.

Other Exercises:

There are numerous exercises that would help one to improve his erectile functioning; some of those exercises are as follows:

  • Yoga:

Some yoga asana postures are exclusively designed to improve blood flows throughout the body. Choosing one such asana would help the individual to get rid of ED

  • Swimming:

According to a reach conducted at Yale University, Swimming must be habit for all the individuals who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Swimming would help one to get lean and fit, as obesity is one of the major causes of ED.

  • Cardio Exercise:

Performing Cardio exercises regularly without intermissions would allow to get rid of some of the causes of ED i.e. higher blood pressure levels. If the individual who suffer from ED gets actively involved four to five times a week in cardio exercises, he could witness the improvement within couple of months.

Improve and Cure Erectile Dysfunction without medicines:

Improving the erectile functioning need not be done only through medicines, as we all know the medicines could produce some side effects and negative reactions. The physical exercise would bring your former sexual life, without utilizing any medication.

Cardio-vascular or Aerobic exercises are very good initial starts in the process of curing or improving erectile functioning. These exercises not only help the individual to improve his erectile functioning, but also aids in enhancing his overall health.

Kegel exercises are the other forms of treatment to erectile dysfunctioning; they can be performed at any time in the day, providing they are regularly done without interruptions. 


The major causes of ED are problems with Blood flow and Cardiac Issues. Improving these health problems would definitely help you to improve the erectile function. You can choose any method according to your need and health conditions, but it is good if you consult before making the decision.

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