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Anti Anxiety

Anti Anxiety

Anti-Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mind often followed by stress and depression. It is a feeling of worry and uneasiness, generally not able to focus on any other activities. Even it might cause due to restlessness, muscular tension, lack of concentration and fatigue. Anxiety disorder results when you have continuous anxiety that affects your life on daily basis. Prescription medicines are used for the treatment of anxiety disorder. Such medications are Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan. All four of these medicines belong to the drug class of benzodiazepine in which it helps to affect the unbalanced chemicals in the brain and produces the calmness.

All anti-anxiety drugs are considered to be effective in treating the anxiety disorder as well as help the anxiety patients to fall asleep without any disturbance. Even though they are treated to be effective, all anti-anxiety drugs would cause fewer side effects and have the potential for abuse and addiction. Hence the Food and Drugs Administration has put the benzodiazepines under the Schedule IV controlled substances.

Life-threatening or serious side effects are less likely with anti-anxiety medicines so most of the doctors prescribe any of those medicines when a patient suffered from anxiety disorder. These tablets are safe and effective when they are used properly. But in the recent studies, researchers said that most of the people get addicted towards the anti-anxiety medicines when they have begun to make use of it for a medical reasoning. Addiction could develop in person when they have utilized the medicines continuously for two weeks without doctor guidelines.

Signs of issues

Immediate impacts

Anti-anxiety medicine lessens the alertness and thereby it bring about the following conditions.

  • Poor coordination
  • Slurred speech
  • Bewilderment

The above side effects would enhance while an individual use alcohol. And these medications might enable the person to be anxious and depressed. Symptoms might be more serious in older people. Few of the most common side effects are delirium, dizziness, unbalanced condition, and disorientation. Falls might happen in case of fractures in hip bones.


People who have taken higher dosages than prescribed can lead to an overdose. It could cause serious adverse effects. Below you will find out few adverse effects of an overdose.

  • Death
  • Loss of interest in sexual activity
  • Difficult to breath

Long-term symptoms

Few of the people would be suffered from shortened attention span, false judgments, frightening fluctuation in their emotions and memory loss. Some people might communicate with other by slowly and difficult to know other persons and found difficult to think.

Withdrawal syndrome

The symptoms of withdrawal vary from one medicine to another medicine. It is completely based on the drug dosage. Side effects might start within 12-24 hours. Persons who have taken benzodiazepine drugs for more than 3 weeks are often noticed that they cannot able to sleep without these medicines. Withdrawal symptoms caused by the reason of stop using the medication immediately. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are listed below.

  • Not sufficient sleep
  • Nervousness and anxiety at bedtime
  • Irritability when they wake-up
  • Lot of disturbances while on the sleep (like dreams)
  • Confusion
  • Uneven heartbeat rate
  • Seizures

Diagnosis – Evaluation by a doctor

Generally, doctors make their diagnosis process by asking the patients about what medications that they have taken for a medical condition. Even when it is not clear why the patient seems to be anxious or confused, the doctors may carry out some other tests on the patients in order to predict the root cause of the anxiety symptoms like a headache or low blood sugar level. Although benzodiazepines can be found out by certain types of drug screening tests. Finding out them does not imply that the medications are the major causes of an individual’s anxiety issues. Doctors provide an appropriate treatment once they have detect anxiety symptoms causes.

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