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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

It is one kind of disorder in which an individual unable to get and sustain an erection while on the sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is also called as impotence. Most of the people would experience temporary erectile dysfunction issue. Temporary impotence caused due to the emotional or physical depression. It is an indication of emotional or relationship problems that required to be treated by consulting the expert healthcare professional. Frequent impotence is a sign of health issues that need immediate treatment.

It is essential to note is that not every sexual problem in men prompt an erectile dysfunction. Numerous issues linked with male sexual dysfunctions and major problems are absent or delayed ejaculation, loss of interest on sex, and ejaculation of sperm before penetration.

How to identify that you have an ED issue?

As said previous, different signs of issues that are linked with ED. Suppose if you have any of the following signs on your body, then you may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

  • Difficult to get and manage an erection
  • Trouble to sustain an erection for longer duration that needs to have a pleasurable sex
  • Loss of interest in involving sexual activity

Few of the sexual intercourse symptoms associated with the impotence. Following we have listed those symptoms.

  • Delayed in discharging the semen(sperm)
  • Unable to achieve orgasm after sufficient stimulation
  • Expel sperm soon after the sexual intercourse.

Suppose if you suffer from any of these sexual issues for more than two months, then you must need to consult your physician and let them know about your health issues. Your healthcare adviser can able to predict the root cause of the problem of erectile dysfunction and thereby suggested the essential treatment.

Main causes of Erectile Dysfunction problem

Erectile dysfunction disorder is caused only for the two major reasons(i.e) emotional and physical stress. It is essential to determine the underlying causes of ED before starting the treatment course. Thereby you can easily recover from impotence within a short time period by undergoing the appropriate therapy given by your physician. Few of the common health issues that cause ED. Below you will find out some problem that determinant ED.

  • Stress
  • Injury
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Drug use
  • Injured from cancer or surgery
  • Increased age
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Relationship issues
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • Cardiovascular syndrome
  • Being obesity or overweight

Erectile dysfunction disorder can result from an issue with any of the above factors. So it is essential to visit the doctor if you notice any of the above ED side effects.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorder(NIDDKD) reported that nearly 30 million Americans experience erectile dysfunction disorder. One bond is there in between the erectile dysfunction and age. Age is the reason for the occurrence of ED issues. Some of the studies show that ED affects:

  • 12% of men who are aged below 60
  • 22% of men in the age group of 60’s
  • 30% of men who are at the age of 70’s and above

Older men can avoid the sexual activity because age factor raises the risk of ED. When you grow older, it is quite harder to receive an erection. It is not sure that this age factor will cause erectile dysfunction.

ED treatment with Drugs

Numerous medications available that are effective and popular for the Erectile dysfunction treatment. Consult your doctor as he/she may prescribe accurate medicines to overcome ED issues. You might require to try out different medicines before you find out the right one that works promptly for your health condition. Sometimes few of the peoples would experience side effects while taking these medications. Due to this circumstances, we advised you to use the medication under the supervision of your physician and you can tell any of the unhappiness effects of the medication with them. The ED tablets are designed to enhance the flow of blood to the sexual organ so as to increase and manage an erection. Few medicines are listed below:

  • Levitra(Vardenafil)
  • Viagra(Sildenafil)
  • Androderm(Testosterone)
  • Cialis(Tadalafil)
  • Stendra(Avanafil)
  • Caverject(Alprostadil)

Suppose if your prescribed medication is not effective or accurate for your health condition, then your doctor can recommend some other treatment form for you. Such other therapies are vacuum erectile device and penile implants. 

Vacuum Erectile Device(Penis Pump)

This kind of treatment is provided only when the patient does not respond to the ED drugs. Vacuum erectile device is a hollow tube that consists of hand-powered or battery powered pump. It is not typical to make use of it. The tube should be placed over the penis and they have utilized the pump to extract the air from the hollow tube. The device helps to increase the flow of blood to the penis and develop an erection. Whenever you receive an erection, you accelerate a tension ring in the under part of the sexual organ that helps to manage the blood and sustain the penis firmly. Thereafter you can take off the penis pump. And the tension ring has to be cleared ways only after the sexual intercourse. Penis bruising is considered to be one of the adverse effects of vacuum erectile device. Some people would experience that discharge of sperm might prohibit by the tension ring and thereby they could not feel the normal sensation when touched the penis. Cold feelings at the tip of the penis is another side effect of a penis pump.

Penile Implants

It is considered to be another way of treating erectile dysfunction. It implants the devices on both rear edges of the penis. Usually, the implants used the rods either in the form of elastic (inflatable) or malleable. The inflatable rods are used to manage an erection whereas malleable rods are created to maintain the sexual organ bendable and inflexible. This penile implant treatment is suggested only when other treatment methods are not worked properly for the ED patients.

Numerous person turns to alternative medications when they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is better to consult with your healthcare professional before taking the natural substances. Make sure of consulting your physician so that it could be safe particularly when you have any severe health condition. There are many alternative products available in the market and that could be considered to be beneficial for the erectile dysfunction treatment but it could cause severe side effects on the body.

FDA(Food and Drugs Administration) has advised the people not to take herbal Viagra because it contains few toxic substances that are not mentioned on the medicine’s label. Moreover, different dosages are not available in herbal products. Few of the herbal supplements can merge with the drugs (prescription or nonprescription) and that prompt serious danger to the system.

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