USA’s Trusted Online Dispensary

USA’s Trusted Online Dispensary

Refund Policy

This is the refund policy of the largest and leading online dispensary and people are recommended to kindly go through it prior to raising refund.

It is a must that you have to meet the requirements and only then you can become eligible to use our refund policy. When you do not qualify your request would be canceled.

  • People in the US have to claim for the refund within a week. When they do so, the refund is made within 10 business days.
  • Individuals who belong to Great Britain also supposed to raise the refund request within 7 days. But it would take 15 business days of time for them to get the refund money to their account.
  • The request has to be raised within 7 days if you belong to Australia. From that day, it would take 21 business days for your money to get refunded in your account.

Package Return Process:

  • Correct package

If you have received the correct package but still does not want to take it then you have to make sure that you do not open it. However, the representative of the company would come and check the package. Only after everything is right they would go about picking it up from your place.

  • Incorrect package

When the parcel received is wrong and you want to exchange it then you have to raise your complaint to us through e-mail or phone. It would take 7 days of time to process this. Only after this span, our representative would collect the package from your location.

There is no need for you to pay for the shipping charge if you fit in this category.

  • Damaged package

You are supposed to check the parcel immediately as soon as you received it. This is because you cannot claim for the refund or the reshipment after a certain period of time. When the pills are damaged during the shipment we would take responsibility for it.

The parcel would be reshipped again to your place.

We would mostly reship the parcel to your location only. You have to know that only when we are not able to reship the medication we would go about refunding the money to your account. This might be decided when you speak to our customer care team. It is sure that we would do the needful for our customers and you would be happy about it. To clarify more questions you can contact the customer care team.