USA’s Trusted Online Dispensary

USA’s Trusted Online Dispensary

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Guidelines on Utilizing Services of the Website

You should not make unlawful use of this site; you must agree with the site’s Terms of Use.

The access to the website is definitely for free of cost for the readers who have internet access. But, we are not responsible for any fee that is deducted from the internet services, hardware, or software cost that you use.

The Company will not be liable, under any condition, for any problems related to the drugs consuming. This includes but not limited to the health damage or any other hurt or injury experienced while using drugs that are sold in this online dispensary.

Canadadrug4less is not liable for the errors and issues in the server or network.

To access and utilize some of the sectors of the site or to initiate a purchase you will be required to log into your account. The online drugstore has the full right to limit or block the access to our services depends on the situation.

While Opening and utilizing the CanadaDrug4less, You Agree that you will:

  • Offer accurate and correct detail about you and will keep your profile updated.
  • Use the content, images, graphics, and features on the website in a humble manner
  • Comply with the state, local, and international laws as well as guidelines
  • Log out your account at the end of each period or the use of the site

Limit Of Responsibility

You clearly understand that the online drugstore might not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or incidental harms resulting from;

  • The failure to use the site
  • The cost of procuring services or services obtained or purchased or transactions made from the online drugstore.
  • Unauthorized access to your information that is confidential.
  • Conducts of any third party on the drugs that are sold on the Website or any other matter related to the drugs sold at the online drugstore.

Change in the Site:

CanadaDrug4less may variation, adjust, or remove any content or feature of the site, at any time, without any prior notice. If you are not fulfilled with any service-related adjustment or removal, you are free to cease the use of the facilities of the site. We are not liable if any part of the site is unavailable at any time for any reason.