Xanax and alcohol

Xanax and alcohol

Taking Xanax along with alcohol is very harmful and it is one of the deadliest combinations for sure. When both are taken together, each would increase the intensity of another. This clearly means that you would be put in danger. Even a smaller dose of Xanax should not be combined with alcohol at any cost. Though this combination is very bad most people do abuse Xanax along with alcohol.

Here, we are going to look at the effects of alcohol and the drug on both brain and body. After this, we would be going to see in detail what happens when both are combined.

What happens to the body when alcohol is taken?

The alcohol type that we consume is called as ethanol. When it is consumed, it will first be distributed into the bloodstream of a person. It affects the central nervous system and you will feel high.

However, when the intake of alcohol is very high it might lead to intoxication. It is always better to limit the consumption of alcohol to a certain limit.

What happens when Xanax is taken?

It is an anti-anxiety medication which can also be taken to treat panic disorders. Xanax is an anxiolytic that is available in the market easily. This medication belongs to a group of medications called a benzodiazepine.

This can help a person to feel relaxed, induce sleep and lessen anxiousness. When Xanax is taken it would slow down the activities in the central nervous system. So you would ultimately feel peaceful.

Combining Xanax with alcohol

When Xanax is taken along with alcohol it will slow down most of the functions in the body. Due to this, your body would be put in a worse condition. This combination shall decrease the heart rate, breathing level, body temperature and also the blood pressure level. You would have now known on why we mentioned it is dangerous.

Both these substances are known as depressants that act on the brain. So when you take these two together it automatically causes respiratory depression. Those who already suffer from respiratory issues would put their health into the worse situation.

There are chances that if you combine Xanax with alcohol it would end up in fatal.  This can occur within a few minutes of time.

Some of the ill effects that are triggered when Xanax is taken along with alcohol are liver cancer, stroke, throat cancer and pancreatitis. It might also put you in a coma state.


It is true that people would drink alcohol for various reasons but they should know when they should not drink. This is applicable when they are taking medications like Xanax. This drug is also prescribed by the doctor to treat panic situations.

So once a person takes alcohol, it is possible for them to feel panic and anxious. To get rid of this situation, they end up taking Xanax. The interaction of alcohol and Xanax would readily happen in the body.

When Xanax is taken with alcohol, it increases the presence of the medication in the body. This would cause drug overdose in a person and he or she would start to react in a negative manner. It is known that a person experiences ill effects if they take this drug. However, the severity of the negative effects would increase to a greater extent which is definitely not worth experiencing.

The best way to avoid this situation is to not combine the drug with alcohol. Even a smaller quantity of alcohol intake is not recommended during the Xanax course of therapy.

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